313 Maximum Torque That Can be Applied to a Hollow Steel Shaft

Problem 313
Determine the maximum torque that can be applied to a hollow circular steel shaft of 100-mm outside diameter and an 80-mm inside diameter without exceeding a shearing stress of 60 MPa or a twist of 0.5 deg/m. Use G = 83 GPa.

Solution 313



Based on maximum allowable angle of twist:

where did you get the value of L?
im still confuse about the value of L being 1000

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The maximum allowable twist is 0.5 deg/meter, that is, 0.5 degree for every L = 1 meter length.

if u see here 0.5 degree per meter given,but we have to calculate mm unit thats why here 1000 multiplied

how is MPa got canceled by mm?

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Note: 1 MPa = 1 MN/m2 = 1 N/mm2.