Civil Engineering Reference

Investment of P250,000.00 per year
Angle turned by train in 1 minute
Equivalent Cartesian Equation of Parametric Equations
Equation of the sphere of radius 3 and tangent to coordinate-planes
Equivalent land area of 600 mm^2 map-area with given map-scale
Evaluate the integral of (x dx) / (x^2 + 2) with lower limit of 0 and upper limit of 1
Determine the radius of curvature of the curve x = y^3 at point (1, 1)
Calculate the area enclosed by the curve x^2 + y^2 - 10x + 4y - 196 = 0.
Sum of the first ten terms of a Geometric Progression
Calculation of true distance of a line measuring 160.42 m using a tape that is 0.02m too long
A circle has an equation of x^2 + y^2 + 2cy = 0. Find the value of c when the length of the tangent from (5, 4) to the circle is equal to one.
Calculate the acute angle between 2x - 4y - z = -5 and 3x + 4y + 5z = -6
If arcsin (3x - 4y) = 1.571 and arccos (x - y) = 1.047, what is the value of x?
The digits of a three-digit number are in arithmetic progression, find the sum of all the digits
There are 7 arithmetic means between 3 and 35. What is the sum of all the terms?
A boat going upstream takes 1.5 times longer than going the same distance downstream. If the water current in the river is 8 kph, calculate the speed of the boat in still water.
What is the equation of the normal to the curve x^2 + y^2 = 25 at (4, 3)?
What is the radius of the circle x^2 + y^2 - 6x = 0?
When the polynomial x^4 + bx^3 + 5x^2 + dx + 6 is divided by x - 2 the remainder is 16. When it is divided by x + 1 the remainder is 10. Find the value of constant d.
Gas is escaping from a spherical balloon at a constant rate of 2 fˆ3/min. How fast is the outer surface area shrinking?
Determine the percentage uncertainty in the area of a square that is 6.08 (+/-) 0.01 m on a side.
In still water, your small boat average 8 miles per hour. It takes you the same amount of time to travel 15 miles downstream, with the current, as 9 miles upstream, against the current. What is the rate of water's current?
BCR of $180,000 investment yielding $60,000 annual benefits at 7% annually
Which pizza is a better buy: large with 16-inch-diameter for $15 or medium with 8-inch-diameter for $7.50?
Given the following equations: ab = 1/8, ac = 3, bc = 6. Find the value of a + b + c.
Which of the following is the derivative with respect to x of (x + 1)^3 - x^3?
How many men paid for a total amount of $262,143.75 if the first person to arrive only paid 25 cents?
How many terms from the progression 3, 5, 7, 9, ... must be taken in order that their sum will be 2600?
Find the equation of the curve passing through the point (3, 2) and having s slope 5x^2 - x + 1 at every point (x, y)
A coin is so unbalanced that you are likely to get two heads in two successive throws as you are to get tails in one
What is the Coefficient of the 8th Term of the Expansion of (2x - 1/x)^10?
How Far An Object Has Fallen If Its Velocity Is 80 Feet Per Second
How Long Would it Take to Fly From Earth to Jupiter?
Volume of Inflating Spherical Balloon as a Function of Time
Smallest Triangular Portion From A Square Lot
Dimensions of the Lot for a Given Cost of Fencing
Amount of Sales Needed to Receive the Desired Monthly Income
The Tide in Bay of Fundy: The Depths of High and Low Tides
Longest Day of the Year: Summer Solstice
What is the Chance of Rain: Local vs Federal Forecasts
Number of days the project delayed
Probability That Exactly 1 is Defective in Getting 2 Cell Phones
Angle Correction for Repeated Measurement
Expected Profit for the Acceptance of Estimate of an Engineering Company
Rate of Change of Volume of Sand in Conical Shape
Duel of Two 50% Marksmen: Odds in favor of the man who shoots first
Velocity of Separation: How fast is the distance between two cars changing?
Centripetal Force of a Ball Revolving Uniformly in a Horizontal Circle
Radius of Circle of New Atom Smasher
Ratio of Volume of Water to Volume of Conical Tank
Finding The Length Of Parabolic Curve Given Change In Grade Per Station
Find y’ if x = 2 arccos 2t and y = 4 arcsin 2t
Probability That A Randomly Selected Chord Exceeds The Length Of The Radius Of Circle
Regular Octagon Made By Cutting Equal Triangles Out From The Corners Of A Square
Time After 3:00 O'clock When The Hands Of The Clock Are Perpendicular
Smallest Part From The Circle That Was Divided Into Four Parts By Perpendicular Chords
Number of Steps in the Escalator
Two Gamblers Play Until One is Bankrupt: Chance That the Better Player Wins
Angle Between Two Zero-Based Vectors in XY-Plane
Probability of Winning the Carnival Game of Tossing a Coin Into a Table
Four Trapezia Formed by the Difference of Two Concentric Squares
Random Steps of a Drunk Man: Probability of Escaping the Cliff
Length of Parabolic Sag Curve with Given Change in Grade Per Station
The Distance the Particle Travels with Given Position Function x(t) = t^4 - 8t^2
Compound Curves: Finding the Stationing of PCC with Given Stationing of PC
For Sn = 3^(2n - 1) + b; Find the Quotient a9 / a7
Y-component of Vector A if Vectors A and B are Orthogonal
General Term of Arithmetic Sequence that Models the Potential Annual Salaries
Weight of Copper and Tin to Produce an Alloy of 30% Copper and 10% of Tin
Nutrition: Amount of food A, B and C to Meet the Nutrient Requirements
Samuel Pepys Wrote Isaac Newton Asking Which Event is More Likely to Occur
Burning Bale from Catapult to Travel 150 ft and Clear Over 35 ft Castle Wall
Spinning Spherical Target: Probability for Three Marksmen to Hit on the Same Hemisphere
Equation of the Diameter of Parabola Bisecting Parallel Chords of Given Slope
Fundamental Frequency of Fourier Equation in Cosine Form
Amount of Sales Needed to Receive a Specified Monthly Income
Area Bounded by Intersecting Chords in a Circle
Slope of a Curve of Given Parametric Equations
A solid spherical ball remolded into a hollow spherical ball
Distance From a Point to a Plane in 3D-Space
Find the Integral of dx / sqrt(1 + sqrt(x))