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This online reviewer is not intended to replace but rather to compliment your textbook in Engineering Mechanics. For easy reference, short review to basic principles and formulas are presented at the beginning of each topic. To make the best out from this online reviewer, make sure to read your textbook before jumping yourself here. The solution to each problem assumed that you already know the basic concepts and principles in Engineering Mechanics.

Engineering Mechanics is divided into two major parts, namely Statics and Dynamics.

Statics is primarily concerned to system of forces applied to body at rest. It includes the following topics: resultant of force system; equilibrium of force system; cables; friction; trusses; frames; centroid; center of gravity; and moment of inertia.

Dynamics is the study of body in motion. It covers the following: kinematics, dynamics, kinetics, work-energy equation, impulse and momentum, and mechanical vibrations.

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