Engineering Mechanics

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Engineering Mechanics is divided into two major parts, namely Statics and Dynamics.

Statics is primarily concerned to system of forces applied to body at rest. It includes the following topics: resultant of force system; equilibrium of force system; cables; friction; trusses; frames; centroid; center of gravity; and moment of inertia.

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Rectangular Components of a Force Moment of a Force about a Point Couples
Resultant of Concurrent Forces Resultant of Parallel Force System Resultant of Non-concurrent, Non-parallel Force System
Equilibriumf of Concurrent Force System Equilibrium of Parallel Force System Equilibrium of Non-concurrent, Non-parallel Force System
Method of Joints for Simple Trusses Method of Sections for Simple Trusses Method of Members for Frames
Dry Friction Centroid of Plane Areas Moment of Inertia and Radius of Gyration


Dynamics is the study of body in motion. It covers the following: kinematics, dynamics, kinetics, work-energy equation, impulse and momentum, and mechanical vibrations.

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Rectilinear Translation Projectile Motion


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