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A 50-m steel tape that is is 0.02 m too long was used to measure the distance between two points A and B. If the measured distance was 160.42 m, calculate the correct distance between A and B.

A.   160.356 m C.   160.844 m
B.   160.484 m D.   160.563 m


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I think the answer is not B but A. When the 50 meter steel tape is .02 m too long, a 50 meter reading in the tape is actually 49.98 m since the tape 50 meter tape is longer by .02m. Therefore a 160.42 m reading on the tape, should be less than 160.42 because the 50 meter tape is longer by .02. Letter B answer (160.484m) is grater than 160.42;hence said suggested answer is WRONG

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No. You actually mixed it up. If a 50-meter tape is 0.02 m too long then the correct distance for 50-m reading is equal to 50.02 m. The answer B is CORRECT.

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