November 1994

A 50-m steel tape that is is 0.02 m too long was used to measure the distance between two points A and B. If the measured distance was 160.42 m, calculate the correct distance between A and B.

A.   160.356 m C.   160.844 m
B.   160.484 m D.   160.563 m


Gas is escaping from a spherical balloon at a constant rate of 2 ft3/min. How fast, in ft2/min, is the outer surface area of the balloon shrinking when the radius is 12 ft?

A.   1/2 C.   1/3
B.   1/5 D.   1/4


Which of the following is the derivative with respect to x of $(x + 1)^3 - x^3$?

A.   6x + 3 C.   1 + 2x - 3x2
B.   3x2 + 2x + 1 D.   6x - 3


In a fund raising show, a group of philanthropists agreed that the first one to arrive would pay 25¢ to enter, and each later would pay twice as much as the preceding person. The total amount collected from all of them was \$262,143.75. How many of them paid?

How many terms from the progression 3, 5, 7, 9, ... must be taken in order that their sum will be 2600?

A.   80 C.   50
B.   60 D.   70


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