Solution to Problem 317 Torsion

Problem 317
A hollow bronze shaft of 3 in. outer diameter and 2 in. inner diameter is slipped over a solid steel shaft 2 in. in diameter and of the same length as the hollow shaft. The two shafts are then fastened rigidly together at their ends. For bronze, G = 6 × 106 psi, and for steel, G = 12 × 106 psi. What torque can be applied to the composite shaft without exceeding a shearing stress of 8000 psi in the bronze or 12 ksi in the steel?

Solution 317



On the compatilibity equation, what happened on the "L" for both the bronze and steel, and how did you solve for the values in equation 1?

I think it was cancelled out since the length of the steel shaft and bronze are equal