Solids for which Volume = Area of base times Altitude

Solids in which V = Ab × h
This is a group of solids in which the volume is equal to the product of the area of the base and the altitude. Two types of solids belong to this group namely, prisms and cylinders.

Prism and Cylinder

Prism and Cylinder


A solid is said to be prismatic or cylindrical if every cutting plane parallel to base are the same in both shape and size. If the base is a closed polygon the solid is a prism, whereas, the solid is a cylinder if the base is a closed loop of a curve line. The name of the prism and cylinder is according to the shape of its base. A prism with a pentagon base is called a pentagonal prism and a cylinder of circular base is called circular cylinder. The volume of these two solids is given by the formula

$V = A_b h$


where V = volume, Ab = area of the base, and h = altitude.