Problem 002-ms | Method of Sections

Problem 002-ms
The roof truss shown in Fig. T-03 is pinned at point A, and supported by a roller at point H. Determine the force in member DG.

Roof truss by method of sections


Solution 002-ms



where did that (√41) came from ?

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Pythagorean Theorem: $\sqrt{4^2 + 5^2}$

bakit po 4 and 5 ginamit at hindi 2 and 2.5?

nagmultiply lng ng 2 sa 2 at 2.5 para mag whole number yung 2.5 pero same pa din makukuhang sagot pag 2 at 2.5

we did pythagores theorem to the triangle the multiplied the sides by 2

Is there a reason why we needed to find FDG with moments? Why can't we use summation of y-forces instead? They seem to give different answers.

What's the principle behind plotting an imaginary right triangle to solve for the forces at member DG? Can't we just take the moment at H
Advance thank you to whoever replies.❤️❤️

value of a force is not equal to the length so we put a relation between them since they are dependent to each other : F1/F2 = L1/L2
F: force L: length
we found root 41 by applying pythagores theorem and we multiplied everything by 2 since the ratio stays the seem