1009 Initial velocity of the second ball | Rectilinear Translation

Problem 1009
A ball is shot vertically into the air at a velocity of 193.2 ft per sec (58.9 m per sec). After 4 sec, another ball is shot vertically into the air. What initial velocity must the second ball have in order to meet the first ball 386.4 ft (117.8 m) from the ground?

Solution: English System of Units


Solution: International System of Units



hi.po good day.paano po naging 9.47s sa time? thank you in advance po sa sasagot

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9.47 was found by quadratic formula, I believe you get that, I think what you mean is, why use 9.47 and not 2.54 sec for t. Using 2.54 sec for t is invalid because the second ball was shot 4 seconds after the first ball.

thank you po. na checked ko na po using shft.solve

Why use 9.47s?