Verbal Problems in Algebra

The following is an attempt to classify the verbal problems.

Number-related problems
Number-related problems are considered as the most basic type of verbal problems. It is taken as the base point of analysis for more complex type of problems.

Digit-related problems
This type of problems focuses on how the digits of a number are related. In many problems, digits are treated as individual number and will make the problem similar to number-related problems only that the integers involved are 0 to 9.

Money-related problems
Money-related verbal problems in Algebra involves primarily in determining the number of denomination (coin or bill) in a collection of different denominations.

Lever-related problems
Also called balance-related problems, lever word problems are concerned on balancing a lever at its fulcrum. This topic introduces the computation of moment of a force about a point in Engineering Mechanics.

Geometry-related problems
Geometry verbal problems put together Algebra and Geometry in a single problem. Basic knowledge and familiarity with the formulas in Geometry is necessary. Problems may involve line segments, angles, triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, and some solid shapes like cube and rectangular parallelepiped.

Clock-related problems
Most clock-related problems involved in determining the time from a given start-off position after which the hands of the clock moves to the desired position. Common problems are when the hands are together, form a right angle, and being opposite each other.

Age-related problems
In age-related problems, the relationship of the ages of two persons is indicated. The comparison of the ages may be in the past, present, or future. Some problems also involve the relationship of the sum of the ages of several persons.

Mixture-related problems
Mixture-related problems are involved with some pure substance or some prepared mixture to be added or withdrawn as such to obtain a desired mixture. It also involves in unit price and quantity of two or more items being combined as such in relation to costing and selling.

Work-related problems
Work-related problems may involved in determining the time to finish the job, the rate of doing the job, and the amount of job done by a worker at a given period of time. Workers may be have the same rate and working as a team or may work individually at different rates.

Motion-related problems
Motion-related problems considered the relationship between speed, distance traveled, and the time the object is moving. The situations may involve overtaking, departing, stalling, moving in the air or water, or motions in a closed loop.