Mixture-related Problems

There are four common types of mixture in verbal problems of Algebra.

Solution is a homogeneous mixture formed by dissolving a substance (solute) in another substance (solvent). A common example is the salt as solute and water as solvent forming into one phase called brine or saline water.

An alloy is a solid solution formed by fusing two or more metallic elements. A common alloy is bronze which is the product of fusing iron and copper.

Blended product is a result of mixing two or more grades of items of the same class. Example is a coffee of grade A mixed to coffee of grade B which will result to a blended coffee.

Assorted mixture is a combination of distinct items which can be resorted easily back to its original components. Example is assorted candies in a pack.

Solving mixture-related problems
The following example will illustrate how to solve mixture problems.

How many liters of 10% salt solution must be added to 20% salt solution in order to obtain 10 liters of 12% salt solution?