Digit-related Problems

The digits of a three-digit number are in arithmetic progression. If you divide the number by the sum of its digits, the quotient is 26. If the digits are reversed, the resulting number is 198 more than the original number. Find the sum of all the digits.

A.   9 C.   15
B.   12 D.   18


Example 01 | Digit-related problem

The sum of the digits of a three-place number is 19. If the tens and units digits are interchanged the number is diminished by 27, and if the hundreds and tens digits are interchanged the number is increased by 180. What is the number?

Digit-Related Problems

For any three digit number, let
h = the hundreds digit
t = the tens digit and
u = the units digit

The number = 100h + 10t + u
The number with digits reversed = 100u + 10t + h
The sum of digits = h + t + u
The product of digits = htu

Verbal Problems in Algebra

The following is an attempt to classify the verbal problems.

Number-related problems
Number-related problems are considered as the most basic type of verbal problems. It is taken as the base point of analysis for more complex type of problems.

Digit-related problems

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