04 - In a Mixed Company of ASEAN Nationalities

In a mixed company of Malaysians, Vietnamese, Singaporeans, Thais, and Filipinos, the Malaysians are one less than 1/3 of the Filipinos; and three less than half the Vietnamese. The Filipinos and Thais outnumber the Singaporeans and Vietnamese by 3. The Singaporeans and Filipinos form one less than half the company, and the Singaporeans and Vietnamese form 7/16 of the company. How many persons of each nationality were there?

Number-related Problems

Expressions that can be translated to addition, ( + ): sum, plus, added to, in addition, increased by, and more than.

Verbal expression Algebraic equivalent
the sum of x and y x + y or y + x
x plus y x + y
x increased by y x + y
x added to y y + x
x in addition to y y + x
x more than y y + x


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