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I need guidance in designing a beam supporting specified ultimate moment of 1100 kN.m (doubly reinforced beam)
I need guidance in solving the balance steel area
I need guidance in solving the ultimate moment capacity (doubly reinforced beam)
I need help on this question about direct stress, strain and dimensional change in a component
I need help to calculate this beam midspan defflection and combine loads
I need help. Area inside a circle but outside the two opposite quarter circles
I was walking along the road at 6kph when a car dashed past me and only missed me by a few inches.
If $a$ and $b$ are integers, then $a+b$ is also an integer. This is true by which of the following properties?
If $a\geqslant b$, then $a \nless b$. This is true by which property?
If $a^x = c^q = b$ and $c^y = a^z = d$, then:
If $f(x) = \left( 3\sqrt{x} - 4 \right)^2$, then how much does $f(x)$ increase as x goes from 2 to 3?
If $x$ is positive and $y$ is negative, which of the following expressions is always positive?
If $xyz = 8$ and $x^2z = 18$, what is the value of $y/x$?
If $\log_x 2 = 1.2a$ and $\log_x 3 = 1.5a$, find $\log_x \sqrt{12}$ .
If $\theta$ is an acute angle of a right triangle where $\sin \theta = x/2$, compute the value of $\sin 2\theta$ in terms of $x$.
If $| 3t - 5 | \gt 4$, which of the following is correct?
If 1/4 of a mixture of rice and corn was replaced by corn alone, the resulting mixture becomes 55% corn. What was the percentage of corn in the original mixture?
If 1200 cm2 of material is available to make a box with a square base and open top, find the largest possible volume of the box.
If 8 men can cut 22 trees in a day, how many trees can 20 men cut in a day?
If a car can travel x km in y hours, how many hours can it travel a distance of z km?
If a certain soccer game ended 3:2, what is the probability that the side that lost scored first? Assume that all scoring scenarios are equiprobable.
If a pair of dice is tossed 6 times, what is the probability of obtaining a total of 7 or 11 twice, a matching pair once, and any other combination 3 times?
If an arc length is 12 m subtends a central angle $\phi$ in a circle of radius 3, find the measure of $\phi$ in terms of radians.
If arcsin (3x - 4y) = 1.571 and arccos (x - y) = 1.047, what is the value of x?
If each expression under the square root is greater than or equal to 0, calculate...
If five masons can earn P675 in 6 days, how much can 12 carpenters receiving the same rate earn in 10 days?
If it were two hours later, it would be half as long until midnight as it would be if it were an hour later. What time is it now?
If one root of the quadratic equation with integer coefficients is $3 + 4i$, what is the constant term of the equation?
If one third of the air in the tank is removed by each stroke of an air pump, what part of the total air will be removed in 6 strokes?
If P10,000 is deposited each year for 9 years, how much can a person get annually from the bank every year for 8 years starting 1 year after the 9th deposit is made. Cost of money is 14%.
If queries sent to a search engine arrive every 15 seconds on the average, what is the probability of waiting less than or equal to 30 seconds?
If sec 2A = 1 / sin 13A, determine the value of A in degrees.
If tan (3x) = 5 tan (x), what is the value of sin (x)?
If the interest rate on an account is 8.5% compounded yearly, approximately how many years will it take to triple the amount?
If the middle term of the expansion of $(x^3 + 2y^2)^n$ is $Cx^{18} y^{12}$, find $C$
If the population of a city increases by 10% each year, during which year will the population doubled?