Polar Coordinate Printable Paper (Free Download)

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This is just a quick post and I hope you find this useful.

One time, I browse for something at the Morayta branch of National Book Store and I heard a group of students asking the sales lady for a polar graph paper. From the look of her face, the sales lady seemed know nothing about a polar graph and she courteously told the students that they don't have what they are looking.

I remembered then the polar coordinate paper I created years ago. So I dig it up from my backup hard drive and I am glad I found it. This is what this post is all about. I made this polar paper available for download and its free to everyone. Just print it out and you have the polar coordinates ready for use.

Download Link
polar-coordinates-paper.pdf. (You need a verified account to download the file)

Polar Coordinates


File description:
The file is in .pdf format and it contains two pages. The first page is the polar coordinates with angles written in degree and the second page is a polar coordinates with angles written in radian.

Good luck.