Copy Files Using SCP Command

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SCP = Secure Copy Protocol

Command format: scp -r file origin destination

Make sure you have the right credentials for every remote server you are working. You need the right pair of username and password of each machine for a successful transfer.

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Copy files from Origin Server to Destination Server

Scenario: You have a folder named copy_this located at the home of origin_user and you need to copy it and all its contents to the home of destination_user.

Login to Origin Server and issue this command
scp -r copy_this destination_user@destination_ip_address:~/

The code above will copy the folder named copy_this to the home folder of destination_user. If you wish to copy copy_this to a different location of Destination Server, replace the ~/ with the proper directory.

Example is...
sudo scp -r copy_this destination_user@destination_ip_address:/var/www/my_site/.

Notice the sudo at the start of the code.

With scp, you don't actually need to login to the Origin Server to do the transfer.
scp -r origin_user@origin_ip_address:~/copy_this destination_user@destination_ip_address:~/

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Upload files from local machine to a remote server

Scenario: You have in your local machine a folder named upload_this and you need to upload it, and all files inside it, to a remote machine.

From your Terminal, cd first to the location containing the upload_this folder. Issue this command to do the upload.
scp -r upload_this username@remote_ip_address:~/

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Download files from a remote server to a local machine

Scenario: You have in your remote server a folder named download_this located at the home directory of the user and you need to download it, and all files inside it, to your local machine.
scp -r username@remote_ip_address:~/download_this ~/Downloads

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