Problem 447 - Compound Truss Formed Into Three-Hinged Arch

Problem 447
The truss are joined as shown in Figure P-447 to form a three-hinged arch. Determine the horizontal and vertical components of the hinge force at B and then determine the type and magnitude of force in bars BD and BE.



Problem 424 - Method of Joints Checked by Method of Sections

Problem 424
For the truss shown in Fig. P-424, determine the force in BF by the method of joints and then check this result using the method of sections. Hint: To apply the method of sections, first obtain the value of BE by inspection.



Problem 412 Right Triangular Truss by Method of Joints

Problem 412
Compute the force in each member of the truss shown in Fig. P-412. If the loads at B and D are shifted vertically downward to add to the loads at C and E, would there be any change in the reactions? Which members, if any, would undergo a change in internal force?



Problem 411 Cantilever Truss by Method of Joints

Problem 411
Determine the force in members AB, AC, BD, CD, and CE of the cantilever truss shown in Fig. P-411. If the loads were applied at C and E instead of at B, specify which members would have their internal force changed.