Depth of water in conical tank in upright and inverted positions

A closed conical vessel has a base radius of 2 m and is 6 m high. When in upright position, the depth of water in the vessel is 3 m.

Part 1: What is the volume of water?
A. 22 m3
B. 25 m3
C. 28 m3
D. 32 m3

Part 2: If the vessel is held in inverted position, how deep is the water?
A. 4.53 m
B. 5.74 m
C. 4 m
D. 5 m

Part 3: What is the weight of water in quintals. Unit weight of water is 9,800 N/m3.
A. 263.4
B. 195.4
C. 219.7
D. 247.2