Counting Techniques

Basic Algebra Review Part 17: Counting Techniques - Slot Method (Tagalog)

Hi guys... we encountered a problem with our video upstream provider. I can only upload videos from my mobile app and I cannot upload videos from my web browser anymore. I already contacted support and I learned that the problem is sitewide. Unfortunately, Vimeo, our current upstream provider, did not see it as a problem but they consider this as a feature for their service. Because this is not sustainable for me in the long run, I am planning to move all our videos to another provider, particularly YouTube. This move will be slow because of several factors to consider.

  1. Our videos are supposed to be locked and accessible only from MATHalino. I need to reconsider this if our videos are moved to YouTube.
  2. We paid 5-year advance at Vimeo to grab some discounts and we are negotiating to get a refund, even just the 4 years.
  3. The time of doing the transfer.
  4. The time of updating some videos to reflect the move.
  5. The time to update and edit each page containing videos.