Geometric Progression

Basic Algebra Review Part 5: Geometric Progression (Tagalog)


  • The common ratio:
    $r = \dfrac{a_2}{a_1} = \dfrac{a_3}{a_2} = \dfrac{a_4}{a_3} = ~ ...$
  • The nth term:
    $a_n = a_m r^{n - m}$
  • Sum of the first n terms
    $S_n = \dfrac{a_1(r^n - 1)}{r - 1}$ for $n \gt 1$

    $S_n = \dfrac{a_1(1 - r^n)}{1 - r}$ for $n \lt 1$


Note for Calculator
The STAT mode of calulator y = a · b^x cannot be used for r < 0.

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