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FYrh97O-3 Calculate the reactions in Newton.
FYrh97O-2 Find the moment at B in N-m.
FYrh97O-1 Find x in meters.
FYrh97O-0 Situation. A beam 100 mm x 150 mm carrying a uniformly distributed load of 300 N/m rests on three supports spaced 3 m apart as shown below.
Fundamentals of Fluid Flow
Fundamental Frequency of Fourier Equation in Cosine Form
Functions of a Right Triangle
FtHV51n-3 Determine the limiting value for the amount of salt in the tank after a long time.
FtHV51n-2 Find the time at which the brine leaving will contain 1 lb/gal of salt.
FtHV51n-1 Find the amount of salt in the tank at any time, t.
FtHV51n-0 Situation. A tank contains 80 gallons of pure water. A brine solution...
Frustum of a Right Circular Cone
Frustum of a Regular Pyramid
Fromula for Deflection of fixed beam with partial udl at anywhere in the beam
From where he stands, one step toward the cliff would send the drunken man over the edge.
From the given right triangle what is the value of $3 \sin^2 \varphi \, \sec \varphi$ in terms of $x$.
From the following figure, which of the following is equal to $\tan (\theta/2)$?
From point A on level ground, the angles of elevation of the top D and bottom B of a flagpole situated on the of a hill are measured as 47°54' and 39°45'. Find the height of the hill if the height of the flagpole is 115.5 ft.
From a tank filled with 240 gallons of alcohol, 60 gallons are drawn off and the tank is filled up with water. Then 60 gallons of the mixture are removed and replaced with water, and so on. How many gallons of alcohol remain in the tank after 5 drawings
From a group of boys and girls, 15 girls leave. There are then left two boys for each girl. After this 45 boys leave. There are then 5 girls for each boy. The number of girls in the begineeing was:
From a cylindrical jar 4 in. high and 6 in. in diameter, water is poured by tilting the jar until the center of the bottom is at
Fred is more popular than Pete. Together they have 66 friends but Fred has 6 fewer than the square of the number that Pete has. How many friends does Fred have?
Four Trapezia Formed by the Difference of Two Concentric Squares
Forum Rules
Formulas in Solid Geometry
Formulas in Plane Trigonometry
Formulas in Plane Geometry
Formulas in Engineering Economy
Formulas in Algebra
Force Systems in Space
Force of Fluid by Integration: Total hydrostatic force acting on the slant side of trapezoidal trough
For triangle BOA, B is on the y-axis, O is the origin, and A is on the x-axis. Point C(5, 2) is on the line AB. Find the length of AB if the area of the triangle is 36 unit2.
For Sn = 3^(2n - 1) + b; Find the Quotient a9 / a7