Calculator Techniques for Differential Calculus

Ask lng poh , meron poh bang calculator technique for differential calculus ? Paturo poh , thankyou .

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Meron. But it depends on the problem at ng type ng exam (kung meron bang choices or wala). Siguro mas maganda kung may problem para mabigyan ng solution using calculator.

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elow .. poh .. isa poh ako sa tagahanga nyo .. engineering student den poh ako.. ump .. tanung ko lang poh bakit .. hindi poh naglalabas ng book nyo.. maganda sana poh kapag nkahard copy..

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ump.. at pwede poh ba din kayo gumawa ng calculator techniques sa trigo about sa triangles using cmplex mode.. yung mga two unkwons side or angle.. na triangle

tsaka poh.. sa analitic geometry gamit ang stat mode. maraming salamat poh god bless more blessing to come.. sana marami pa poh kayong matulungan na katulad ko.. slamat ulit

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With regards to the calculator technique in solving for the volume flow rate in calculus, can you explain it further po and provide more examples ? Thank you.

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pano po magsolve ng mga derivative of logarithmic and exponential functions

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The following links are solutions in Differential Calculus. It's just few but a good start.

I don't know if there are more here, these are what I found so far. You may post a problem in different thread and i will answer it using calculator technique if I can find a time to do it.

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sa integral po ay meron po ba


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This reminds me when we actually used calculator techniques during our time. They're the only ones who was able to compile the calculator techniques so far.

Pero ni hindi ko nagamit ang calculator techniques sa board exams pero worth a try pa rin. Calculator techniques are just plug and chug ata.


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