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Good day everyone! I am Jhun Vert, your review instructor for this Basic Algebra Review Course here at MATHalino. First of all, thank you for joining. Allow me to casually introduce myself before the start of classes.

Maybe some of you already know me? I'm not sure though. I am the founder and author of MATHalino. The reviewer section of this site is my ongoing commitment. I've been a review instructor of civil engineering for about 20 years and I am currently connected to Review Innovations.

May I suggest, as an ice-breaker, kindly introduce yourself too at the comment section so that we will know each other more in this online platform.

Welcome and enjoy your journey with us.


Yeah, that's me, but I look much better in person, hahaha!


I am Mubarak Yusuf by name. From Nigeria, I have completed my Senior Secondary School few years back and teach mathematics in primary school for some years and presently aiming at teaching Mathematics at higher level.

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Welcome Mubarak to MATHalino and to this Basic Algebra Review. We have actually many visitors from your country and I am very much grateful for your continued usage to our contents. This course however is more in Tagalog language, I do hope you get something from here. I wish to say good luck for your aim of teaching higher mathematics, I do hope you will find this course useful despite the language barrier.

Hello! I am Joice Dordas from Capiz, Philippines. I am a fresh graduate of BSCE from Capiz State University. Since the pandemic, I havent had a review of my subjects back in college as I have been busy in my work now as a Cadet Engineer at a certain company. I am glad that we have a filipino based website that caters both engineering and non-engineering students and gratuates. Thank you and I hope to learn from you Sir Jhun!

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Hello Joice welcome to Basic Algebra Review Course. I am glad you greeted me here at the first page. Enjoy your stay and get the most out from it by taking the exams heartily and by asking questions when you need clarification.

Good day! I am Mary Claire Mendoza from Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, a fresh BSCE graduate last April 5, 2021. I am here to freshen up my knowledge regarding what I've learn during my college days.

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Welcome Claire to MATHalino's Basic Algebra Review. I hope you will enjoy this course. Take the most out from it by diligently answering the quizzes.

Hi! Good Day, I am Joselle Amor from Bohol, a 3rd-year BScomE student. I look forward to transcending my math skills with this website. I hope we all do well.

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Hi Joselle Amor. Welcome to Basic Algebra Review course. Thank you for coming in. Enjoy your stay.

Hello Sir Jhun, Im a student, im preparing myself for a board exam maybe next year, i find your website very helpful and solution are clear and understandable.

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Hi byrne Torrea, welcome to this course. Make your stay productive by taking the exams inside this course.

Hi sir jhun, i'm currently an engineering student. I intend to review my algebra skills, thank you for this free course God bless.

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Welcome to Basic Algebra Review, I hope this course will meet your needs. Enjoy your stay.

Hi! I am Rupert, from Philippines.

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Welcome to MATHalino and to our Basic Algebra Review.

Hello po sir Jhun, I am Joshua Jonielle D. Grande, currently a civil engineering student in Davao City. I hope this site will help refresh and strengthen my basics.

I visited this sight in order to review my knowledge of the basics of mathematics.