GEOTECH. ENG'g (particle-size distribution curve)

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in solving for UNIFORMITY COEFFICIENT (Cu = D60/D10)

what if D10 or 10% finer doesn't exis in the particle size distribution curve? How can i solve this? Help please, thank you.


Diameter(mm) % passing
4.76 100
2.38 90
2.00 77
0.84 59
0.42 51
0.25 42
0.149 35
0.074 33
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you need a logarithmic graph to find the value of D60 and D10

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but sir, the graph terminates at 33%, i cant intercept the 10%

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D60 is 0.88..

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You can tell a lot about the mechanical properties of the soil according to the value of the effective size D10. However, the sieve analysis is higher than 10%. In this case, the properties of this soil cannot be defined according to uniformity coefficient or anything that involves D10. You need to determine the Atterberg limits of this soil and find its indices like liquidity index and plasticity index then plot the result into USCS chart.

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Cal tech could help you.. Mode 3-4

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