Rescue at Sea

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Rescue at Sea

A life raft, set adrift from a sinking ship
150 miles offshore, travels directly toward a Coast Guard
station at the rate of 5 miles per hour. At the time that the
raft is set adrift, a rescue helicopter is dispatched from
the Coast Guard station. If the helicopter’s average speed is
90 miles per hour, how long will it take the helicopter to
reach the life raft?

Jhun Vert
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Consider the figure below:



Based on the statement in the problem, the time for the helicopter to reach the rescue point is the same time for the raft to drift to that point. You will then come up with this equation:

$$90t + 5t = 150$$

I hope you are not posting your school assignment for others to answer it for you. I noticed that you posted several problems now with no description on which part you need help. Please provide us information on what you need for other problems or specify it is a school homework or not.

If it is not a school homework (assignments) then kindly indicate it in your post. And if it is a school homework, we are very much willing to assist you but not to the extent that we are going to answer it for you.

In case it is a school assignment make sure you already tried answering it and kindly specify which part of the problem you need our assistance.

I will lock your posts in the event of no clarification from you.

Thank you for your posts, your participation is greatly appreciated.

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