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A diet must provide exactly 580 mg of protein and 290 mg or iron. These nutrients will be obtained by eating meat and spinach. Each kg of meat contains 900 mg of protein and 200 mg of iron. Each kg of spinach contains 400 mg of protein and 1700 mg of iron. How many kgs of meat and spinach should be eaten in order to provide the proper amounts of nutrients?

Jhun Vert
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Let m = amount of meat in kg and s = amount of spinach in kg

For protein
$900x + 400y = 580$   ←   equation (1)

For iron
$200x + 1700y = 290$   ←   equation (2)

From equations (1) and (2)
$x = 0.6 ~ \text{kg}$
$y = 0.1 ~ \text{kg}$

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