Solution to Problem 235 Statically Indeterminate

Problem 235
A timber column, 8 in. × 8 in. in cross section, is reinforced on each side by a steel plate 8 in. wide and t in. thick. Determine the thickness t so that the column will support an axial load of 300 kips without exceeding a maximum timber stress of 1200 psi or a maximum steel stress of 20 ksi. The moduli of elasticity are 1.5 × 106 psi for timber, and 29 × 106 psi for steel.

Solution to Problem 223 Triaxial Deformation

Problem 223
A rectangular steel block is 3 inches long in the x direction, 2 inches long in the y direction, and 4 inches long in the z direction. The block is subjected to a triaxial loading of three uniformly distributed forces as follows: 48 kips tension in the x direction, 60 kips compression in the y direction, and 54 kips tension in the z direction. If ν = 0.30 and E = 29 × 106 psi, determine the single uniformly distributed load in the x direction that would produce the same deformation in the y direction as the original loading.

Solution to Problem 211 Axial Deformation

Problem 211
A bronze bar is fastened between a steel bar and an aluminum bar as shown in Fig. p-211. Axial loads are applied at the positions indicated. Find the largest value of P that will not exceed an overall deformation of 3.0 mm, or the following stresses: 140 MPa in the steel, 120 MPa in the bronze, and 80 MPa in the aluminum. Assume that the assembly is suitably braced to prevent buckling. Use Est = 200 GPa, Eal = 70 GPa, and Ebr = 83 GPa.

Figure P-211