Inverse Trigonometric Functions | Fundamental Integration Formulas

In applying the formula (Example: Formula 1 below), it is important to note that the numerator du is the differential of the variable quantity u which appears squared inside the square root symbol. We mentally put the quantity under the radical into the form of the square of the constant minus the square of the variable.
1. $\displaystyle \int \dfrac{du}{\sqrt{a^2 - u^2}} = \arcsin \, \dfrac{u}{a} + C, \,\,\, a > 0$

2. $\displaystyle \int \dfrac{du}{a^2 + u^2} = \dfrac{1}{a}\arctan \, \dfrac{u}{a} + C$

3. $\displaystyle \int \dfrac{du}{u\sqrt{u^2 - a^2}} = \dfrac{1}{a} {\rm arcsec} \, \dfrac{u}{a} + C$