Reinforced Concrete

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Reinforced Concrete

– A reinforced concrete girder is subjected to torsional moment from the loads on the cantilever
frame. The following factored forces are computed from
this beam:

Factored moment, Mu = 290kN-m
Factored shear, Vu = 220 kN
Factored torque, Tu = 180 kN-m

The girder has a width of 400 mm and an overall depth of 500 mm. Concrete cover is 40 mm. The centroid of longitudinal bars of the girder are placed 65 mm from the extreme concrete fibers. Concrete strength fc’ = 20.7 MPa and steel yield strength for longitudinal bars is fy =415 MPa. Use 12 mm U-stirrups with fyt = 275 MPa. Allowable shear stress in concrete is 0.76 MPa. Use ρb = 0.021.

Pls help me with this guys :)

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Ano ang gagawin dito? Wala naman tanong 'to?

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