solid mensuration

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solid mensuration

Solid Mensuration
by: Kern and bland
page 85

#15 Question
a block similar to the one considered in prob.3 (page 83) has a volume of 2000 cu.ft. find its altitude?

#16 Question
the space occupied by the water in a reservoir is the frustum of a right circular cone. each axial section of this frustum has an area of 8800 sq.ft. and the diameter of the lower and upper bases are in ratio 6:5. if the reservoir contains 13,600,00 gal. find the dept the water?

#17 Question
a cube shown in the figure measures 3in. on edge. each of the point A,B,C,D is distant 1in. from the vertex nearest it. pass plane through a.) point A and edge KN
b) point B and edge LM
c.) point C and edge KL
d.) point D and edge MN
find the volume of the largest solid cut from the cube by these planes.

fitzmerl duron
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Please complete the questions....para masagot ng iba...Wala po kaming libro na Kern and Bland...hehehehe....

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