Engineering Books: What are the best books for the following

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What are the most used and best books on these subjects?
1. Surveying
2. Differential Equations
3. Statics
4. Engineering Electronics and Electricity
5. Engineering Economy

Name of the book plus author. Please kailangan ko po now ngayong summer.

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1- Most books used for Surveying. i- Surveying by Maccormac 6th ed, ii- Elementary surveying by Wolf and Ghilani 14th Edition, iii- Surveying by Barry Kavanagh, iv-Surveying by Schofield
2- Differential Equaations.... Differential Equations by Danis G Zill
3- Statics .... i- Statics by R C Hibbeler 14th ed, ii- Statics by J L Mariam 8th ed, iii- Statics by Beer and jhonston 11th ed, iv- Statics by Andrew Pytel, iv- Statics by Timoshenko 4rth ed,

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Please Sir Add some questions about Pre Stressed beam

Add a few inquiries on pre-stressed beam, please, sir.

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Surveying And Leveling
Differential Equations
Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
In this type of book is beneficial for you

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1- surveying

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