Time Rates

38 - Rate of rotation of search light pointing to a ship

Problem 38
A ship, moving 8 mi/hr, sails north for 30 min, then turns east. If a searchlight at the point of departure follows the ship, how fast is the light rotating 2 hr after the start.

37 - A ladder sliding downward

Problem 37
A ladder 15 ft long leans against a vertical wall. If the top slides down at 2 ft/sec, how fast is the angle of elevation of the ladder decreasing, when the lower end is 12 ft from the wall?

Problems in Caculus Involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions

The following are problems involving inverse trigonometric functions.

37-38 How fast a ship leaving from its starting point

Problem 37
A ship sails east 20 miles and then turns N 30° W. If the ship's speed is 10 mi/hr, find how fast it will be leaving the starting point 6 hr after the start.

35-36 Time Rates: Lengthening of shadow and movement of its tip in 3D space

Problem 35
An arc light hangs at the height of 30 ft above the center of a street 60 ft wide. A man 6 ft tall walks along the sidewalk at the rate of 4 ft/sec. How fast is his shadow lengthening when he is 40 ft up the street?

33-34 Time Rates: A car traveling east and airplane traveling north

Problem 33
From a car traveling east at 40 miles per hour, an airplane traveling horizontally north at 100 miles per hour is visible 1 mile east, 2 miles south, and 2 miles up. Find when this two will be nearest together.

31-32 Train in an elevated track and car in perpendicular road

Problem 31
An elevated train on a track 30 ft above the ground crosses a street at the rate of 20 ft/sec at the instant that a car, approaching at the rate of 30 ft/sec, is 40 ft up the street. Find how fast the train and the car separating 1 second later.

30 - Two trains in perpendicular railroad tracks

Problem 30
Two railroad tracks intersect at right angles, at noon there is a train on each track approaching the crossing at 40 mi/hr, one being 100 mi, the other 200 mi distant. Find (a) when they will be nearest together, and (b) what will be their minimum distance apart.

28-29 Time Rates: Two cars driving on roads that intersects at 60 degree

28-figure-48.jpgProblem 28
At noon a car drives from A (Fig. 48) toward C at 60 miles per hour. Another car starting from B at the same time drives toward A at 30 miles per hour. If AB = 42 miles, find when the cars will be nearest each other.

26-27 Time Rates: Kite moving horizontally

Problem 26
A kite is 40 ft high with 50 ft cord out. If the kite moves horizontally at 5 miles per hour directly away from the boy flying it, how fast is the cord being paid out?


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