flexural stress

Solution to Problem 519 | Flexure Formula

Problem 519
A 30-ft beam, simply supported at 6 ft from either end carries a uniformly distributed load of intensity wo over its entire length. The beam is made by welding two S18 × 70 (see appendix B of text book) sections along their flanges to form the section shown in Fig. P-519. Calculate the maximum value of wo if the flexural stress is limited to 20 ksi. Be sure to include the weight of the beam.

Solution to Problem 518 | Flexure Formula

Problem 518
A cantilever beam 4 m long is composed of two C200 × 28 channels riveted back to back. What uniformly distributed load can be carried, in addition to the weight of the beam, without exceeding a flexural stress of 120 MPa if (a) the webs are vertical and (b) the webs are horizontal? Refer to Appendix B of text book for channel properties.

Solution to Problem 517 | Flexure Formula

Problem 517
A rectangular steel bar, 15 mm wide by 30 mm high and 6 m long, is simply supported at its ends. If the density of steel is 7850 kg/m3, determine the maximum bending stress caused by the weight of the bar.

Solution to Problem 516 | Flexure Formula

Problem 516
A timber beam AB, 6 in wide by 10 in deep and 10 ft long, is supported by a guy wire AC in the position shown in Fig. P-516. The beam carries a load, including its own weight, of 500 lb for each foot of its length. Compute the maximum flexural stress at the middle of the beam.

Solution to Problem 515 | Flexure Formula

Problem 515
Repeat Prob. 524 to find the maximum flexural stress at section b-b.

Solution to Problem 514 | Flexure Formula

Problem 514
The right-angled frame shown in Fig. P-514 carries a uniformly distributed loading equivalent to 200 N for each horizontal projected meter of the frame; that is, the total load is 1000 N. Compute the maximum flexural stress at section a-a if the cross-section is 50 mm square.

Solution to Problem 513 | Flexure Formula

Problem 513
A rectangular steel beam, 2 in wide by 3 in deep, is loaded as shown in Fig. P-513. Determine the magnitude and the location of the maximum flexural stress.

Rectangular steel simple beam beam


Solution to Problem 512 | Flexure Formula

Problem 512
The circular bar 1 inch in diameter shown in Fig. P-512 is bent into a semicircle with a mean radius of 2 ft. If P = 400 lb and F = 200 lb, compute the maximum flexural stress developed in section a-a. Neglect the deformation of the bar.

Circular bar bent into a semi-circle


Solution to Problem 511 | Flexure Formula

Problem 511
A simply supported rectangular beam, 2 in wide by 4 in deep, carries a uniformly distributed load of 80 lb/ft over its entire length. What is the maximum length of the beam if the flexural stress is limited to 3000 psi?

Solution to Problem 510 | Flexure Formula

Problem 510
A 50-mm diameter bar is used as a simply supported beam 3 m long. Determine the largest uniformly distributed load that can be applied over the right two-thirds of the beam if the flexural stress is limited to 50 MPa.


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