01 Minimum distance between projection points on the legs of right triangle

From the right triangle ABC shown below, AB = 40 cm and BC = 30 cm. Points E and F are projections of point D from hypotenuse AC to the perpendicular legs AB and BC, respectively. How far is D from AB so that length EF is minimal?



The Regular Tetrahedron

Regular tetrahedron is one of the regular polyhedrons. It is a triangular pyramid whose faces are all equilateral triangles.

Regular Pyramid

A regular pyramid is one whose base is a regular polygon whose center coincides with the foot of the perpendicular dropped from the vertex to the base.

The Pyramid

A pyramid is a polyhedron with a polygon base of any shape, and all other faces are triangles which have common vertex.



The Right Circular Cylinder

A right circular cylinder is a cylinder whose base is a circle and whose elements are perpendicular to its base.

Properties of Triangle

Side of a triangle is a line segment that connects two vertices. Triangle has three sides, it is denoted by a, b, and c in the figure below.

Vertex is the point of intersection of two sides of triangle. The three vertices of the triangle are denoted by A, B, and C in the figure below. Notice that the opposite of vertex A is side a, opposite to vertex B is side B, and opposite to vertex C is side c.

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