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Polar Coordinate Printable Paper (Free Download)

This is just a quick post and I hope you will find this useful.



One time, I browse for something at the Morayta branch of National Book Store and I heard a group of students asking to the sales lady if they have a polar graph paper. From the look of her face, the sales lady seemed know nothing about a polar paper and she courteously told the students that they don't have what they are looking.

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Calculator Technique for Solving Volume Flow Rate Problems in Calculus

The following models of CASIO calculator may work with this method: fx-570ES, fx-570ES Plus, fx-115ES, fx-115ES Plus, fx-991ES, and fx-991ES Plus.

The following calculator keys will be used for the solution

Name Key Operation
Shift shift.jpg SHIFT
Mode mode-setup.jpg MODE
Name Key Operation
Stat 1-stat.jpg SHIFT → 1[STAT]
AC ac-off.jpg AC


This is one of the series of post in calculator techniques in solving problems. You maybe interested also on my previous post in calculator technique for progression problems and calculator technique for clock problems; both in Algebra.

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Calculator Technique for Clock Problems in Algebra

The following models of CASIO calculator may work with these methods: fx-570ES, fx-570ES Plus, fx-115ES, fx-115ES Plus, fx-991ES, and fx-991ES Plus.

Before we go to Calculator technique, let us first understand the movements of the hands of our continuously driven clock.

For simplicity, let "dial" be the unit of one hand movement and there are 60 dials in the complete circle as shown in the figure.

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Calculator Techniques for Solving Progression Problems

This is the first round for series of posts about optimizing the use of calculator in solving math problems. The calculator techniques I am presenting here has been known to many students who are about to take the engineering board exam. Using it will save you plenty of time and use that time in analyzing more complex problems. The following models of CASIO calculator may work with these methods: fx-570ES, fx-570ES Plus, fx-115ES, fx-115ES Plus, fx-991ES, and fx-991ES Plus.

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Calculator for Engineering Board Exam

Any one who took an engineering board examination will agree with me that scientific calculator is our best friend during the examination. It will speed up our work and will allow us to go through the analysis of the problem. In most cases, solving the equation is not the real issue, it is to write the correct equation that matters. If we are able to determine the correct equation of a particular situation, the burden of that problem is over. Our next step is obviously to solve for the desired value. It is important to note that the correct answer can only be derived from the correct equation. To determine the correct equation is where should our brain go, not in finding the solution of that equation. You guess it right, we use our best friend, the scientific calculator, to do the task. Don't do manual calculation please, the examiner will not give you bonus points in finding the roots of

$9\sin^{3/4} \theta + 4\sin^{3/2} \theta - 12 = 0$


manually. Calculator can easily solve for the value of θ fast and accurate than you.

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How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database from Linux Command Line

I wrote this post so that I can easily retrieve information that I pulled from several pages of the internet. I have this need to migrate some large MySQL database to another server and I need to do it from the command line of Linux. To make this information at least a little complete, below is the outline of my situation and what I need to do.

  • The OS of origin and destination servers are both CentOS 5
  • The control panel of the origin is cPanel and the destination is a custom made control panel
  • Databases are MySQL
  • Most websites are Drupal and some are WordPress
  • My machine where I am accessing my server is Windows
  • The SSH client I am using is PuTTy, it's free
  • I'm a Windows guy making mess in Linux. :)
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How to Import large MySQL database to phpMyAdmin

Unable to import that large MySQL database into phpMyAdmin? There are reasons why you simply can't import your large MySQL database; browser timeout, server timeout, file size limit, and phpMyAdmin limit are the most common. These are real pains that cannot be avoided specially in shared web hosting. But stop pulling hairs, there are many proven ways to import your large database. In this discussion, I will only share two ways in which I have a first hand experience.

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How to Install TexLive to WebFaction Shared Hosting Account

What is TexLive?
You are reading this post probably because you know what TexLive and LaTex is, or maybe you are in search for a way to install LaTex for your website. But in case my assumption is wrong, LaTex is the math engine that render all the equations of If you want to know deeper, let the guys from LaTex and TexLive explain it to you. LaTex is a must if you run a website that engaged heavily in mathematical equations. Many are also using LaTex to convert their webpages into .pdf on the fly.

Why at WebFaction?
WebFaction is one of the few web hosting services that allow their costumers at shared environment to compile their own apps. In other web hosting company, you only have the ability to compile your own app if you are in a virtual private server or dedicated server. You know how costly these servers are compared to shared hosting. I may refer you to my previous post if you want to learn a little more about WebFaction.

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Install Latex to a Shared Host

This post is intended for webmasters who wish to install Latex to their server without spending large amount of money for VPS or dedicated server. Experienced webmasters are aware that installing a root level script is not allowed in almost all shared hosting. That is why this post is not about how to install LaTex, I will simply introduce here the hosting provider that powered If you need a step-by-step guide, you can read how to install TexLive here.

You may noticed that this site is doing lot of math equations. These equations are written in Latex code, and the Latex engine will output the code into an equation.

My present host is WebFaction (WF). WF is a shared host that will allow you to install your own script. Any script won't matter to them as long as it is not illegal (phishing, virus, trojans, malware, etc). And as long that you will not exceed the limits imposed in all shared host; the run time memory. Latex can be easily installed, their online documentation is so vast and in full details, making me very confident of doing Linux from the command line.

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