Volume of Water

Amount of water inside the horizontal cylindrical tank

A closed cylindrical tank measures 12 ft. long and 5 ft. in diameter. It has to contain water to a depth of 3 ft when lying in the horizontal position. Find the depth of water when it is in vertical position.

017 Review Problem - Amount of water to fill the large network of city pipes

Problem 17
Assuming that a city has 400 miles of water pipes and that the average diameter of the pies is 1 ft., how much water is required to fill this entire system?

013 Review Problem - Volume of water inside the Venturi meter

Problem 13
The accompanying figure represents the longitudinal view of a Venturi meter, a device designed to measure the flow of water in pipes. If the throat of the of the meter is 6 in. long and has an inside diameter of 4 in., find the volume of water in the meter which is used in 12-in. pipe line if the altitudes of the tapering parts are in the ratio 1:3 and the smaller altitude measures 12 in.



015 Two unequal balls inside the cylinder

Example 015
Two balls, one 15 cm in diameter and the other 10 cm in diameter, are placed in a cylindrical jar 20 cm in diameter, as shown in Figure 014. Find the volume of water necessary to cover them.



014 Water poured into a jar of marbles

Example 014
A boy who had discovered that 20 mm marbles fitted snugly into the bottom of a cylindrical jar, dropped in a fourth on top of the three and poured water enough into the jar to just cover them. How much water did he use?

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