Uniformly Distributed Load

Problem 729 | Uniform load over the center part of fixed-ended beam

Problem 729
For the restrained beam shown in Fig. P-729, compute the end moment and maximum EIδ.



Problem 727 | Fully restrained beam with uniform load over the entire span

Problem 727
Repeat Problem 726 assuming that the concentrated load is replaced by a uniformly distributed load of intensity wo over the entire length.

Problem 725 | Propped beam with partially restrained wall and settling simple support

Problem 725
If the support under the propped beam in Problem 724 settles an amount $\delta$, show that the propped reaction decreases by $3EI\delta / L^3$.

Problem 724 | Propped beam with partially restrained wall support

Problem 724
The beam shown in Fig. P-724 is only partially restrained at the wall so that, after the uniformly distributed load is applied, the slope at the wall is $w_oL^3 / 48EI$ upward to the right. If the supports remain at the same level, determine $R$.



Problem 723 | Propped beam with uniform load over half the span

Problem 723
Find the reaction R and the moment at the wall for the propped beam shown in Fig. P-723.



Problem 715 | Distributed loads placed symmetrically over fully restrained beam

Problem 12
Determine the moment and maximum EIδ for the restrained beam shown in Fig. RB-012. (Hint: Let the redundants be the shear and moment at the midspan. Also note that the midspan shear is zero.)



Problem 709 | Propped Beam with Spring Support

Example 06
The beam in Figure PB-006 is supported at the left by a spring that deflects 1 inch for each 300 lb. For the beam E = 1.5 × 106 psi and I = 144 in4. Compute the deflection of the spring.

Beam with spring support


Problem 708 | Two Indentical Cantilever Beams

Problem 708
Two identical cantilever beams in contact at their ends support a distributed load over one of them as shown in Fig. P-708. Determine the restraining moment at each wall.

Two cantilever beams.


Problem 704 | Solution of Propped Beam

Problem 704
Find the reactions at the supports and draw the shear and moment diagrams of the propped beam shown in Fig. P-704.



Problem 654 | Beam Deflection by Conjugate Beam Method

Problem 654
For the beam in Fig. P-654, find the value of EIδ at 2 ft from R2.




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