Shearing Deformation

Shearing Deformation
Shearing forces cause shearing deformation. An element subject to shear does not change in length but undergoes a change in shape.



The change in angle at the corner of an original rectangular element is called the shear strain and is expressed as

$\gamma = \dfrac{\delta_s}{L}$


The ratio of the shear stress τ and the shear strain γ is called the modulus of elasticity in shear or modulus of rigidity and is denoted as G, in MPa.

$G = \dfrac{\tau}{\gamma}$


The relationship between the shearing deformation and the applied shearing force is

$\delta_s = \dfrac{VL}{A_s G} = \dfrac{\tau L}{G}$


where V is the shearing force acting over an area As.