moment load

Problem 861 | Deflection by Three-Moment Equation

Problem 861
For the beam shown in Fig. P-861, determine the value of EIδ at 2 m and 4 m from the left support.



Problem 844 | Continuous Beams with Fixed Ends

Problem 844
In the propped beam shown in Fig. P-844, determine the prop reaction.



Problem 738 | Fully restrained beam with moment load

Problem 738
A perfectly restrained beam is loaded by a couple M applied where shown in Fig. P-738. Determine the end moments.



Solution 738

Problem 733 | Cantilever beam with moment load at the free end and supported by a rod at midspan

Problem 733
The load P in Prob. 732 is replaced by a counterclockwise couple M. Determine the maximum value of M if the stress in the vertical rod is not to exceed 150 MPa.

Problem 722 | Propped beam with moment load on the span by area-moment method

Problem 722
For the beam shown in Fig. P-722, compute the reaction R at the propped end and the moment at the wall. Check your results by letting b = L and comparing with the results in Problem 707.