Problem 18 - Bernoulli's Energy Theorem

Problem 18
Figure 4-09 shows a siphon discharging oil (sp gr 0.90). The siphon is composed of 3-in. pipe from A to B followed by 4-in. pipe from B to the open discharge at C. The head losses are from 1 to 2, 1.1 ft; from 2 to 3, 0.7 ft; from 3 to 4, 2.5 ft. Compute the discharge, and make table of heads at point 1, 2, 3, and 4.



Problem 11 - Bernoulli's Energy Theorem

Problem 11
A horizontal pipe carries 30 cfs of water. At A the diameter is 18 in. and the pressure is 10 psi. At B the diameter is 36 in. and the pressure is 10.9 psi. Determine the head lost between the two points.

Problem 06 - Bernoulli's Energy Theorem

Problem 6
As shown in Figure 4-03, the smaller pipe is cut off a short distance past the reducer so that the jet springs free into the air. Compute the pressure at 1 if Q = 5 cfs of water. D1 = 12 inches and D2 = 4 inches. Assume that the jet has the diameter D2, that the pressure in the jet is atmospheric and that the loss of head from point 1 to point 2 is 5 ft of water.



Problem 01 - Buoyancy

Problem 01
A piece of wood 305 mm (1 ft) square and 3 m (10 ft) long, weighing 6288.46 N/m3 (40 lb/ft3), is submerged vertically in a body of water, its upper end being flush with the water surface. What vertical force is required to hold it in position?

02-001-wood-submerged-in-water.gif           02-001-wood-submerged-in-water-english-units.gif


Problem 08 - Variation of Pressure

What is the pressure in pounds per square inch 4 ft below the surface of a liquid of sp. gr. 1.50 if the gas pressure on the surface is 0.4 atmosphere?

Problem 06 - Variation of Pressure

If the pressure in the tank of oil (sp gr 0.80) is 60 psi, what is the equivalent head: (a) in feet of oil, (b) in feet of water, and (c) in inches of mercury?

Problem 731 | Cantilever beam supported by cable at the free-end

Problem 731
The beam shown in Fig. P-731 is connected to a vertical rod. If the beam is horizontal at a certain temperature, determine the increase in stress in the rod if the temperature of the rod drops 90°F. Both the beam and the rod are made of steel with E = 29 × 106 psi. For the beam, use I = 154 in.4

Cantilever beam hanged with cable at the free end