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Solution to Problem 636 | Deflection of Cantilever Beams

Problem 636
The cantilever beam shown in Fig. P-636 has a rectangular cross-section 50 mm wide by h mm high. Find the height h if the maximum deflection is not to exceed 10 mm. Use E = 10 GPa.

Cantilever beam with two concentrated loads


Solution to Problem 615 | Double Integration Method

Problem 615
Compute the value of EI y at the right end of the overhanging beam shown in Fig. P-615.

Overhang beam with uniform load at the overhang


Solution to Problem 614 | Double Integration Method

Problem 614
For the beam loaded as shown in Fig. P-614, calculate the slope of the elastic curve over the right support.

Overhang beam with point at the end of overhang


Solution to Problem 607 | Double Integration Method

Problem 607
Determine the maximum value of EIy for the cantilever beam loaded as shown in Fig. P-607. Take the origin at the wall.

Cantilever Beam with Point Load



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