solid cylinder

003 Review Problem - Sphere melted into cylinder

Problem 3
Two spheres of lead, of radii 2 and 3 in., respectively, are melted into a cylinder of revolution of radius 1 in. Find the altitude of the cylinder.

Problem 514 | Friction

Problem 514
The 10-kN cylinder shown in Fig. P-514 is held at rest on the 30° incline by a weight P suspended from a cord wrapped around the cylinder. If slipping impends, determine P and the coefficient of friction.

Cylinder sliding down the plane


03 - Heaviest cylinder that can be made from a shot

Problem 3
Find the weight of the heaviest circular cylinder can be cut from a 16-lb shot.

Solution to Problem 222 Poisson's Ratio

Problem 222
A solid cylinder of diameter d carries an axial load P. Show that its change in diameter is 4Pν / πEd.

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