Similar Solids

A conical tank in upright position (vertex uppermost) stored water of depth 2/3 that of the depth of the tank. Calculate the ratio of the volume of water to that of the tank.

A.   4/5 C.   26/27
B.   18/19 D.   2/3


026 Review Problem - Find the diameter of a wooden ball

Problem 26
A wooden ball 2 ft. in diameter weighs 200 lb. Find the diameter of a ball of the same material which weighs 50 lb.

Similar Figures

Two surfaces or solids are similar if any two corresponding sides or planes are proportional.

Regular Pyramid

A regular pyramid is one whose base is a regular polygon whose center coincides with the foot of the perpendicular dropped from the vertex to the base.

The Pyramid

A pyramid is a polyhedron with a polygon base of any shape, and all other faces are triangles which have common vertex.



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