perpendicular component

010 Components of force normal and tangent to hypotenuse of a triangle

Problem 010
The triangular block shown in Fig. P-010 is subjected to the loads P = 1600 lb and F = 600 lb. If AB = 8 in. and BC = 6 in., resolve each load into components normal and tangential to AC.

Triangular block subjected to two forces


009 Force with given component parallel to the incline

Problem 009
The body on the 30° incline in Fig. P-009 is acted upon by a force P inclined at 20° with the horizontal. If P is resolved into components parallel and perpendicular to incline and the value of the parallel component is 1800 N, compute the value of the perpendicular component and that of P.

A Block on the incline is supported by force from sliding


007 Components of a force parallel and perpendicular to the incline

Problem 007
A block is resting on an incline of slope 5:12 as shown in Fig. P-007. It is subjected to a force F = 500 N on a slope of 3:4. Determine the components of F parallel and perpendicular to the incline.

Box resting on the incline


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