Motion Problem

02 - Cars moving in opposite directions

A car leaves city A for city B, 40 km distant, traveling 50 kph. Thirty minutes later, another car leaves city B for city A at 40 kph. At what point of their path will the first car pass 6 minutes before the second car?

01 - Sound of impact of the bullet hitting the target

A bullet is fired at a target 1,342 m away. At what point along its path would the sound of the impact of the bullet be heard 1/4 second before the report of the gun, assuming that sound travels at the rate of 335 m/sec and the bullet is 503 m/sec.

1011 Time of launching a ship | Rectilinear Translation

Problem 1011
A ship being launched slides down the ways with constant acceleration. She takes 8 sec to slide (the first foot | 0.3048 meter). How long will she take to slide down the ways if their length is (625 ft | 190.5 m)?

1009 Initial velocity of the second ball | Rectilinear Translation

Problem 1009
A ball is shot vertically into the air at a velocity of 193.2 ft per sec (58.9 m per sec). After 4 sec, another ball is shot vertically into the air. What initial velocity must the second ball have in order to meet the first ball 386.4 ft (117.8 m) from the ground?

Motion-related Problems

Motion with constant velocity
The distance traveled is the product of velocity and time.

$s = vt$

s = distance
v = velocity
t = time

It follows that

$t = \dfrac{s}{v}$   and   $v = \dfrac{s}{t}$


Verbal Problems in Algebra

The following is an attempt to classify the verbal problems.

Number-related problems
Number-related problems are considered as the most basic type of verbal problems. It is taken as the base point of analysis for more complex type of problems.

Digit-related problems


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