Problem 526 | Friction

Problem 526
A ladder 6 m long has a mass of 18 kg and its center of gravity is 2.4 m from the bottom. The ladder is placed against a vertical wall so that it makes an angle of 60° with the ground. How far up the ladder can a 72-kg man climb before the ladder is on the verge of slipping? The angle of friction at all contact surfaces is 15°.

Problem 525 | Friction

Problem 525
A uniform ladder 4.8 m ft long and weighing W lb is placed with one end on the ground and the other against a vertical wall. The angle of friction at all contact surfaces is 20°. Find the minimum value of the angle θ at which the ladder can be inclined with the horizontal before slipping occurs.

14-15 Ladder reaching the house from the ground outside the wall

Problem 14
A wall 10 ft high is 8 ft from the house. Find the length of the shortest ladder that will reach the house, when one end rests on the ground outside the wall.

06-07 Ladder slides down the wall

Problem 06
A ladder 20 ft long leans against a vertical wall. If the top slides downward at the rate of 2 ft/sec, find how fast the lower end is moving when it is 16 ft from the wall.

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