Quadrilateral Circumscribing a Circle

Quadrilateral circumscribing a circle (also called tangential quadrilateral) is a quadrangle whose sides are tangent to a circle inside it.

Tangential Quadrilateral



$A = rs$

Where r = radius of inscribed circle and s = semi-perimeter = (a + b + c + d)/2

Derivation for area

45 - Angle of elevation of the the kite's cord

Problem 45
A kite is 60 ft high with 100 ft of cord out. If the kite is moving horizontally 4 mi/hr directly away from the boy flying it, find the rate of change of the angle of elevation of the cord.

26-27 Time Rates: Kite moving horizontally

Problem 26
A kite is 40 ft high with 50 ft cord out. If the kite moves horizontally at 5 miles per hour directly away from the boy flying it, how fast is the cord being paid out?

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