gauge pressure

Determine the absolute pressure in a vessel of mercury at a point 200 mm below its surface.

A.   126 kPa C.   128 kPa
B.   130 kPa D.   132 kPa


Problem 12 - Variation of Pressure

In a condenser containing air and water, the air pressure is 22.1 kPa absolute. What is the gage pressure in kiloNewton per square meter at a point 1.37 m below the water surface.

Problem 03 - Variation of Pressure

Take sea water to be 3% heavier than fresh water and assume it is incompressible. What is the pressure, in metric ton per square meter, at 3.22 km below the surface of the ocean if fresh water weighs 9.79 kN/m3?

Problem 02 - Variation of Pressure

Determine the pressure on the face of a dam at a point 12 m below the water surface, in (a) kilo Pascal gauge; (b) kilogram per square meter gauge; (c) kilo Pascal absolute; (d) pounds per square foot gauge; (e) pounds per square inch gauge; and (e) pounds per square inch absolute.

Problem 01 - Variation of Pressure

Determine the pressure in a vessel of mercury, specific gravity 13.6, at a point 20 cm below the surface. Express the answer in N/m2.

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