Frustum of Regular Pyramid

025 Review Problem - Time required to fill a reservoir of water

Problem 25
A reservoir 10 ft. deep is in the form of a frustum of inverted square pyramid with bases of 100 and 90 ft. on a side respectively. How long will it require an inlet pipe to fill the reservoir if the water pours in at the rate of 200 gal. per min.? (One gal. = 231 cu. in.)

020 Review Problem - Volume of a factory chimney

Problem 20
A factory chimney has the shape of a frustum of a regular pyramid. Its height is 180 ft., and its upper and lower bases are squares whose sides are 10 ft. and 16 ft., respectively. The cross section of the flue is a square whose side is 7 ft. How many cubic feet of material does the chimney contain?

Frustum of a Regular Pyramid

Frustum of a regular pyramid is a portion of right regular pyramid included between the base and a section parallel to the base.

Frustum of a regular pyramid


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