coplanar force

013 Resultant of three forces with angles greater than 90 degree

Problem 013
Three vectors A, B, and C are shown in the figure below. Find one vector (magnitude and direction) that will have the same effect as the three vectors shown in Fig. P-013 below.

Three concurrent forces in absolute directions


Resultant of Parallel Force System

Coplanar Parallel Force System
Parallel forces can be in the same or in opposite directions. The sign of the direction can be chosen arbitrarily, meaning, taking one direction as positive makes the opposite direction negative. The complete definition of the resultant is according to its magnitude, direction, and line of action.

Resultant of Concurrent Force System

Resultant of Concurrent Coplanar Forces Using Complex Numbers | Engineering Mechanics

Resultant of a force system is a force or a couple that will have the same effect to the body, both in translation and rotation, if all the forces are removed and replaced by the resultant.

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